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Post  Brave on Thu Jan 05, 2012 9:37 pm

Alright, now, I made up 'Brave' because i saw the name 'Strong' and thought, hmmm, what is short but has to do with strong? Brave! So, I origionally made him up as a dark grey wolf with green eyes, but I like bright, and the words bright and brave start with a b, so why not? The next thing I did was change the eye color, because I like a golden yellow color better than the olivey green. Brave my first and, yes, only charachter. My second charrie creation was Twilight, and I still use him, but I would only now if I had joined another pack, and I am quite content with the FFP and the EEP. I once had Slash, a black wolf with a large scar on his face and red eyes, whom was created for the 'Deadly Shadows Pack', but when the pack was berid of, I decided to do away with the charachter as well. The last characters I created were 'Amadeus' and then 'Hunter', but they didn't last too long. They all refect the oddness in me, and how talkitave I am! They all have a rough and rocky past, but the only rough spots in my history are loosing a friend and feuds with my brother, which happen often.



Aaron, som'm, huh?



will be 14 in... 7 months! ^^



Eigth. Yea, I'm super smart!


Favorite Colors::

Blue, Green, and Camo!



Reading, Racing, Painting, Hiking, and mudding!



Music, Art, Solitude, Vocabulary (I have the vocab of a 12th grader. I'm weird, you don't have to say it twice!), Wildlife, Squirrels XD, Wolves, Dogs, Horses



Humans (okay, NOW you can say it twice!), Fighting



Hammer-time, Peanut, Red, Dufus dork, Punkasaurus, Corneilius (don't ask..), Al, ... etc, etc





'Family Moments'::

-Are we There Yet?-
When I was, say, 5, My family went to Myrtle beach, and oh impatient me said 'Are we there yet?" EVERY MINUTE. Even I got kind of annoyed, but, hey, you gotta know where your goin'!

One day, I decided to take a hike - alone. Turns out, it was a bad idea! I live in a HUGE forest, and it's easy to get lost. Lucky me, I got lost -.- after two-three hours, My mother rang the bell for dinner, and I guess because she was freaking out, and I followed the sound. I Felt pretty confident when, the bell stopped, and I had turned away, forgetting which direction I had come from. I eventually met up with my brother and his buddy on their four wheelers, then they saw me and stopped "What are you doing Aaron?" "Oh, just getting lost, no big deal" I replied and happily climbed up onto the fourwheeler and home. I now know my way through the forest, no getting lost (Hopefully)!



I will be receiving a dog this spring, either lab or pittie, I'm not sure.

I currently am taking care of Ella, or 'Smokin' Tailwind'. a two year old grulla filly, she's sweet as pie, and I wish I could buy her, but I can't my buddy even has to pay for the feed and straw. but, here are some of the only pics of her, most of them were taken as a yearling.

The true Brave Ella10
Looki'n beautiful as always!

The true Brave 18497810
As a foal

The true Brave 18497811
With her colt friend at my buddy's farm

The true Brave 18497812
In all her glory, Ella is showin' off her hot bod xD


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Post  Kioti on Fri Jan 06, 2012 5:40 pm

Cool beind the scenes! Pretty horse!

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